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Japanese manicure – Steps of the care

steps_of_the_careThe complete PROFESSIONAL care includes the following steps:

During the first handling we should nap the nail surface with the pink side of the double- sided pink-green nail file so that the substance can penetrate into the layers of nail more effectively. The green side of the nail file is for shaping the nails, if necessary. (In case of thin nails we advise to ignore napping). When handling regularly it is required to nap the whole nail surface only the first time, later on just the newly grown part of nail has to be napped.

With the help of a white charging spoon spread a pinch of the semi-dry cream (green jar) on the nail or on the green coloured polishing block (by pressing on it slightly) then polish the substance into the nail surface until it begins to shine. Hold the two ends of the nail polisher and run it over the whole nail, to one direction at all times (and not back and forth). (Even the possible drying of cream will not reduce its effectiveness).

Polish the powder (pink jar) into the nail with a pink polishing block by spreading it on the nail in small amounts, in a similar way as done with the cream.

Finally, clean the nails (also the double-sided nail file) with a cloth found in the package.
The handling can be completed with applying cuticle remover and oiling.